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Hiện có: 18 guests trực tuyến
VACI2016: Thank You For Being Part Of Our Best VACI To Date!
Written by Administrator    Friday, 31 October 2014 09:39    PDF Print E-mail
vov  VACI2016-Thank You For Being Part of Our Best VACI To Date! The 5th Int. Symposium and Exhibition of Vietnam Water Cooperation Initiative (VACI 2016), held on 3th-5th October 2016, saw US$ 500 million in total value for the announcements on planned water projects, tenders, investment and MO…
VACI2018: Thank You For Being Part Of Our Best VACI To Date!
Written by Administrator    Friday, 31 October 2014 09:39    PDF Print E-mail
hinh2 head5 1  VACI2018 - Thank You For Being Part of Our Best VACI To Date! The Vietnam International Water Week-VACI2018, held on 3-7 March 2018 with 10-year anniversary of its host organization-National Central for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI), bringing series of some 100 excitin…
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b4VACI2015's  Fact and Figure                           
Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 30 July 2014 19:26    PDF Print E-mail


   3rd Oct, 2016, at ALMAZ Convention Center,

Vinhomes Riverside, Long Bien, Hanoi


Registration (7:30 - 8:30)-

Session A1:OPENING CEREMONY (8:30 - 9:30)

8:30 -9:50: Vietnamese Traditional Music show

8:50 - 9:10: Welcome Speeches

-  Welcome Speech by  (Vice) Ministerof MONRE

-  Opening remarks by selected International partners/ honor Guests

9:10 - 9:30 Group photos  + Tea break and divided into 02 conference rooms

Session A2-1:  WATER RES. PLANNING & SUPPORTING SYSTEMS (9:30 - 10:50)

1. “Decision Support Systems for River Basin Planning. A Case Study for the Shire Basinby Kim Wium Olesen, DHI, Demak

2.“Water resources planning in trans-boundary river basins: A case study in Red river basin”, by Dr. Nguyen C. Cong, Deputy DG of NAWAPI at MONRE of Vietnam

3."Water 4.0 - “The digital revolution in sustainable water management” by Mr. David Balmert  (Ribeka GmbH) and Mr. Dr. Jens Petry (SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG), Germany

4. “Real-time monitoring Systems for improved water management in Mekong Delta Vietnam”, by Giancarlo Maria Pedrini, CAE,Italy

5. "Operational Water monitoring and warning system in Slovak"by Mr. Omelka, CEO of Microstep-Mis, Slovakia

Session A2-2:  IWRM IN  TRANSBOUNDARY WATERS (9:30 - 10:50, Parallel session)

1“Water Accounting for a Comprehensive Analysis of drought & Management Options", by Prof. Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen, Leader of Vietnam WA+ project by ADB

2. “Resilience and Flood Risk Management in transboundary river systems” by Dr. Joost Buurman, Intitute of Water Policy, Singapore

3." A web-based scenario water accounting platform for in the Ca River Basin of Vietnam", by  Dr. Chusit Apirumanekul of SEI, Thailand

4. “Valuing water quality improvements in a city of Southeast Asia: The Case of Metro Manila, the Philippines”,Dr.Shokhrukh Jalilov, United Nations University–UNU, Tokyo, Japan

5. "MK27 Healthy Landscape Red River" by Prof. Mai Van Cong,Director of Vinwater

Tea break, Exhibition and business networking (10:50 - 11:00)


1. “UNECE Water Convention, its main features and the programme of work 2016-2018”by Annukka Lipponen, secretariat of the Water Convention, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

2) How implementation of the Water Convention is supported:Kari Kinnunen, Member of the Implementation Committee under the Water Convention

3) Transboundary cooperation of the Netherlands on the basis of the Water Convention: Pauline EizemaDeputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of The Netherlands

4) Finland’s transboundary water cooperation with Sweden and its institutional basis:  Kari Kinnunen, Member of the Implementation Committee

5.The Mekong cooperation and strategic ditrection in integrated water resources managementby Mr. Tran Duc CuongDeputy-Director of Viet NamNational Mekong Committee

6. Discussion“How can global conventions support transboundary water cooperation in the ASEAN and the Mekong regions?” chaired by Annukka Lipponen, secretariat of the Water Convention,

Session A3-2:  WATER TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION (11:00 - 12:15, Parallel session)

1. “Horizontal ADCP and application to transboundary water issuesby Mr. Paul Craig, President of DSI,United States

2.  Public- Private- Partnership (PPP) in water sector: Opportunities and ChallengesMr. Stanley Boots, CEO of Frontier

3."Removing tidal aliasing in estuarine discharge data; the big reveal"by Stockley, Justin –Xylem,Autralia

4. "A water surface mapping tool for Water Res. Planing and IWRM” by Ate Poortinga, SERVIR-Mekong and VFD, Thailand 

5. Potential NASA’s Satellite Data and Tools for Water Resources Management in Indochina,by Prof. Hyongki Lee, the University of Houston,United States

6. “Galaxy Water Solutions’s Industrial Products” presentedby Mr Henry Yuan, CEO and Technical Consultant of GWS and   ”GE Residential Water Treatment Systems” presentedby Mr Dick from Pentair Residential Filtration LLC, Asia Manager


7. Korean’s Rainwater harvesting and treatment technologies and their applicability in Vietnam”by  Kim Kyu Il, CEO of SEWON ENG Ltd, Korea

12:15 - 13:30: Lunch break, Exhibition, business networking  and merged  02 conference rooms into one


1. "Groundwater Protection in Mekong River Delta” by Florian Jenn, BGR expert, Germany

2.  “Groundwater monitoring and mapping of trans-boundary aquifers” by Neno Kukurić, Director, International Groundwater Centre (IGRAC).

3. "Paleo-hydrogeological reconstruction of the fresh-saline distribution in the VietnameseMekong Delta since the late Pleistocene"by Marcel Marchand, Deltares, Netherland

4.“Coordination of groundwater management activities in East and Southeast Asia - Role of intergovernmental organization”, by Director of CCOP Technical Secretariat,Thailand

5. "Effect of urbanization on natural groundwater recharge within the city of Hanoi"by Prof. Tran Viet Nga, Dean of Faculty at NUCE, Vietnam

Tea break, Exhibition and business networking (15:00 - 15:15)

Session A5: PANEL DISCUSION(15:15 - 16:30)

Panel discussionon “Improving water  mangement in trans-boundary basins: challenges and opportunities” chaired by Prof. Wim Bastiaanssen, UNESCO-IHE Chair of Water Accounting with panelists:

Annukka Lipponen, the secretariat to the UNECE Water Convention (International inter-goverment);

-  Adichat Surinkum, Director of CCOP Technical Secretariat (Regional inter-goverment);

Neno Kukurić, Director, IGRAC-International Groundwater Centre (Academic+Groundwater);

Giancarlo Pedrini, Managing Director of CAE, Italia (Business);

- Nguyen Chi Cong,Deputy-Director of NAWAPI/MONRE (National Water Agency)

- Kim Wium Olesen, Head of Department, DHI, Demak (Solution providers)

- Dorit  Lehrack, IGPVN Team leader, (Comnunication and community)

Session A6:  CLOSING & OPEN UP (16:30 - 17:00)

 An introduction of  young water contest and giving “Young water award 2016”

- Giving Certificate of Appreciation to dediicated partners/sponsors;

- Giving “Best poster Award 2016” and “Best presentation Award 2016”;

Wrap-up and Call for VACI2017.


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