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VACI2018 - Thank You For Being Part of Our Best VACI To Date!

The Vietnam International Water Week 2018 (VACI2018), held on 3-7 March 2018, also hosted at the same time with 10 anniversary establishment of its key organizer, National Central for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI), bringing workshops, exhibitions, and training course featured “Water Partnership for Sustainable Development”. It saw US$ 500 million in total value for the announcements on planned water projects, tenders, investment and MOUs. The event attracted some 1,000 participants from 20 countries spanning the governmental, international organizations, universities, research institutes and companies for discussion, exchange and networking. Water startup and innovative forum, donor consultative meeting, and a training course “satellite-based water level monitoring and forecasting” were carried on with high appreciation from participants.

Here's a glimpse into the happenings over the span of VACI2018: 


Smart Water Business Forum warm-up for VACI 2018 held on 3 March 2018.

vaci2018 tranquykien vaci2018 haksoolee
Vietnam Deputy Minister of MONRE, Mr. Tran Quy Kien, graced the Opening Ceremony on 4 March 2018 Hak Soo Lee, Chairman of Asia Water Council and Asia Int. Water Week gave a remark in the ceremony
vaci2018 nawapi10th

Dr. Tong Ngoc Thanh, Director General of NAWAPI (first line, 12th from right), and delegations in the establishment ceremony

vaci2018 learn1 vaci2018 learn2

Sweden expert in Water Governance workshop

Experts through the world sharing water solutions for Mekong Delta

vaci2018 activ1 vaci2018 activ2

Int. Training Courses on satellite products application were conducted for young water professionals in Vietnam and the region.

Happy faces of students participating the Vietnam international water week

vaci2018 net1 vaci2018 net2

More than 30 companies brought their latest products related to water resources management, exploitation, protection to the visitors during the exhibition

A number of MOU signed after intensive meetings between seeking water solutions partners

vaci2018 net3 vaci2018 net4

High-level panel discussion with Sustainable Goal Development for water resources topic

After a productive meeting

The media coverage on current water issues has played a very important role in delivering and gaining public attention and support for addressing water challenges The VACI 2018 has attracted hundred of mass media agencies’ attention in Vietnam and all over the world. Its program was also broadcasted on a number of the leading television broadcasters of Vietnam such as VTV1,VTV2,VTV3, VTV4, VOV, VTC 10, ANQP, HanoiTV among others
vaci2018 media1 vaci2018 media2
vaci2018 media3 vaci2018 media4


The soft version of VACI2018's Proceedings, publications and presentations now are ready for downloading at "Downloads" of VACI homepage.

Thank you for participating Vietnam wAter Cooperation Initiative 2018. We look forward to seeing you again at the next show of VACI on October 2019!